Vulnerability and Risk Management

Comptech Vulnerability Management auditing management across the enterprise, including network discovery and mapping, asset prioritization, vulnerability assessment reporting and remediation tracking according to business risk. Driven by the most comprehensive vulnerability KnowledgeBase in the industry, Comptech delivers continuous protection against the latest worms and security threats without the substantial cost, resource and deployment issues associated with traditional software.

Discover Network Environment
Securing your network begins with first knowing every network device and software application that resides within your infrastructure. discovers all network devices and applications, including desktops, servers, operating systems, applications, routers, firewalls, PDAs, wireless devices, as well as many other network elements.
Manage Network Assets
Prioritize and fix vulnerabilities intelligently tailored to your needs. Rapidly identify, visualize and organize your network assets into Business Units and Asset Groups.
Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities
Driven by the largest and most up-to-date KnowledgeBase of vulnerability checks in s external and internal scanners safely and accurately detect security vulnerabilities across your entire network. As an on demand service, new signatures are delivered weekly, giving users the ability to scan for the latest threats. Comptech extremely accurate scans eliminate the time drain of chasing false positives, false negatives and host crashes.
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