Desktop Support

Comptech International Inc. have experience in designing, building, operating IT systems, and supporting them on a global scale within Europe, Asia, The USA, The Middle East and South America.
The world is shrinking and we are now operating on a global level. Whatever your requirements, be it near of far then Comptech International Inc. can and will deliver the right IT systems and operations to fit, and deliver you the returns you require and expect. Comptech International Inc. understand that working on a global level needs skills beyond technology and we excel at that. It's dealing with other cultures and managing them appropriately that makes Comptech International Inc. stand out from the crowd.

Some examples of things we do:
  • Build international Wide Area Networks.
  • Support PC’s, Servers and Networks on a Global Scale.
  • Build IT Support teams all over the world.
  • Manage Suppliers, Consultants and Contractors globally.
  • Deal with company management, whatever the location.
  • Provide IT strategy and Systems to fit international requirements.
You may be a large international organisation or a small company looking to expand to another country. Comptech International Inc. are the ideal choice for your international business.
Firewall Support

Comptech International Inc.managed firewall services are a cost-effective means of ensuring that your company's data is kept secure. Our teams of security experts are dedicated to offering you around-the-clock monitoring of your firewall, ensuring that the Internet-based threats are kept out of your network.

Integrated with Comptech International Inc, your company will benefit from having all of your locations protected by a single firewall system. Whether you have one or a hundred locations, Comptech International Inc, delivers the ability to manage your IT security centrally.

Email Spam Blocking Services

A recent report by Information Week states that those corporate e-mail users not protected by spam solutions waste an average of 200 minutes processing spam for every 1,000 messages they receive - adding up to an unbelievable 3.5 hours of lost productivity per person per month.

The Comptech International Inc, managed spam and antivirus-filtering service is an enterprise-class spam and virus-protection system for your company e-mail. With Comptech International Inc, spam, viruses and undesirable content are blocked before they even reach your network.

Data Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) are massive areas which mean stress and worry to many organisations. How do you keep your systems and company running in or after a disaster situation?

The companies which deliver DR and BCP plans and services often do not deliver the infrastructure or build the IT systems which are resilient or operational, quickly or immediately, in a disaster situation. Comptech International Inc, fills that gap. We can design, build and manage (if required) your IT systems, so that, in a disaster, the backbone of your operations is covered - from an IT standpoint.

Backup Solutions
Comptech International Inc, Secure Backup delivers secure, cost-effective backup and restore for data held on PCs, laptops, servers and networked environments.
Remote Server/Workstation support

Support Server and Workistation over the Internet, saving time and money!
Comptech International Inc
Lets you instantly connect with and support your remote clients from anywhere in the world. Connect to a colleague’s PC or customer’s Macbook and control their computer in real-time. Comptech International Inc Offers instant web-based video and voice chatting, as well as an interactive whiteboard for simple collaboration. Remotecall can also be used for maintaining internal office PCs and holding screen sharing presentations.

Comptech International Inc
helps to reduce unnecessary on-site visits, business trips and the overall cost of customer management. Increase customer satisfaction, and your company’s competitiveness with one solution!


When performing a migration from your legacy messaging platform to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Comptech International Inc ensures a simple and seamless integration using our proven Exchange Migration Methodology. Comptech International Inc unmatched experience with Exchange Server is complemented by the highest certifications from competitive platforms like Novell’s Master CNE services.

  • Assess your existing messaging system (IMB Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Legacy Microsoft Exchange) with the guidance and expertise of Nortec engineers
  • Design an end-state solution that supports your current and future messaging needs
  • Develop and deploy a customized implementation strategy using Comptech International Inc flexible, phased migration options, and effectively manage the pace, cost and risk for your business
  • Realize messaging efficiency, workforce productivity and cost savings by leveraging the benefits of Exchange 2010 and decommissioning your legacy messaging system
  • Comptech International Inc solutions are delivered through the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) project management discipline, used by Microsoft to implement their solutions.
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