Web Application Scanning
The Importance of Web Application Scanning

Organizations need a Web application scanning solution that can scan for security loopholes in Web-based applications to prevent would-be hackers from gaining unauthorized access to corporate information and data. Web applications are proving to be the weakest link in overall corporate security, even though companies have left no stone unturned in installing the better-known network security and anti-virus solutions. Quick to take advantage of this vulnerability, hackers have now begun to use Web applications as a platform for gaining access to corporate data; consequently the regular use of a web application scanner is essential

Built on Comptecg new and powerful next generation SaaS platform, Comptech brings web application security to a new level using the power and scalability of the cloud to accurately discover, catalog and scan large numbers of web applications ensuring increased productivity and a high level of protection. WAS 2.0 identifies web application vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top Ten like SQL injection, cross site scripting (XSS) and URL redirection as well as emerging threats such as Slowloris. It also simplifies the complexity and reduces costs of web application scanning with an intuitive, easy-to-use automated solution with an extremely low false positive rate and a rich dynamic user interface (UI) with clear workflows for scanning and reporting.

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